Rental Brasswinds

Brasswind instruments are used to play many different sorts of music. Their sound is brilliant and loud. Each is played through a mouthpiece. As the lips of the musician vibrate against the mouthpiece and by blowing air into the mouthpiece, a vibration is created which amplifies into the instrument. Brass instruments are used in school bands, big bands, orchestras, marching bands and jazz and other groups. 




Trombone (Tenor)

Valve Trombone

Trombone With "F" Attachment

Bass Trombone



Single French Horn

Double French Horn

Tuba 3 Valve

Tuba 4 Valve

Musicare brasswind rental instruments are packaged as complete units that include the instrument, case, mouthpiece and lubricant. By customer request, some of the larger tubas are rented without cases. Each Musicare brasswind instrument is ultrasonically cleaned.