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Enrolling in school band music is rewarding. New opportunities arise. New friendships are made. Social skills develop and self esteem matures when learned notes turn into sound.

Independent studies have shown the disciplines of learning music contribute to other important subjects such math and science. Not every music student pursues a career in music but the opportunities presented open doors to a life long love for the enjoyment of music. And for many, it all begins in the classroom.

When starting your first year of band music, we suggest renting one of our inexpensive previously played instruments. Why pay more than necessary if the student has never played before? Once the student decides to carry on in music, let us help you choose a new instrument purchase or a new rent to own instrument.


For special occasions you may need a short term rental of an specific instrument. We offer timpani, orchestral chimes, gongs, marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, orchestra bells and more.

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All of our previously played rental instruments are complete outfits including a sealed mouthpiece.

Our previously played rental instrument contracts are open ended. Instruments may be returned at any time without penalty. Students with an up to date contract may switch to a different instrument without penalty. (Ex: Clarinet to Flute)

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For students in second year music we suggest renting or purchasing a new instrument. Our new instrument rent to own plan is quite simple; a fixed monthly payment over a specific number of months. Instruments may be purchased without penalty before the end of the contract term.

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Musicare was first to introduce Ottawa to Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaning.
All rental units and mouthpieces go through this cleaning process.
Cleaned mouthpieces are sealed.



Trusted since 1976

We are certified. Since 1978, Musicare technicians are registered members of the National Association of Professional Band Instruments Repair Technicians.

We have an A+ Rating. Since 1976, Musicare has been a member in good standing with the Eastern Ontario and Outaouais Better Business Bureau. Read Our Rating